The entrepreneurship ecosystem in Frankfurt is fuelled by consultants, financiers, catalytic events, results-oriented seminars, workshops and programs, all designed to bring entrepreneurs together so they are enabled to learn from each other, connect, and grow their business. The Frankfurt Economic Development offers you direct and individual orientation for your new company. Our aim is to find the most suitable and cost-effective pathway among the many opportunities available for business founders.


Consulting & Coaching

  • Jumpp – Consulting & coaching for entrepreneurs and growing businesses
  • Kompass Startup Support to all individuals across genders, nationalities and professional backgrounds
  • Creative Industries consulting provided by the State of Hessen
  • Creative and cultural coaching program provided by RKW Hessen


Frankfurt’s Startup Funding Program


Entrepreneurship Programs of the Universities

  • EXIST – German university-based business startup grant
  • Founders Network Route 66 – Entrepreneur network of the Universities of Applied Sciences Frankfurt, Rhein-Main and HfG Offenbach
  • Unibator – Incubator of the Goethe University


How to get startet