Mit durchschnittlich 23 Euro je Quadratmeter ist der Frankfurter Büromarkt ein teures Pflaster für junge Startups und kreative Gründer. Jedoch sind es gerade diese Unternehmer, die mit ihren innovativen Ideen die Zukunft unserer Wirtschaft sind. Langes Lamentieren über zu hohe Mieten gibt es nicht in der Gründerszene, daher kam diese auf eine geniale Lösung. Ausgehend.. read more →

Benedikt Fritz (li) und Timothy Davies (re) pearls Acoustic Identity GmbH

Benedikt Fritz (left) and Timothy Davies (right) are the two heads of pearls Acoustic Identity GmbH. Benedikt Fritz graduated in audio engineering at SAE, Frankfurt and Berlin. He also holds a BA(Hons) in Recording Arts from Middlesex University, London. Timothy Davies started his sound career with Martin Haas (USP-Tonstudios, Rödelheim Hartreim Projekt, Glashaus, Xavier Naidoo,.. read more →

So why are you doing this? The symposium has always been the place at NODE where we open up a broader art or design discourse. In the symposium, the laptops remain closed, and we try to expand the view to a bigger scope. In the past, we have often stayed within our disciplines, such as.. read more →

Jan Klose is managing director and co-founder of Deck13 Interactive, one of the most important German indie games development studios.. The studio was found in 2001 and has about 70 employees in Frankfurt and in the Hamburg office. Deck13 has been awarded the German Developer Award for The Surge and CrossCode, among others. In 2014.. read more →

Johanna Suess Lichter Filmfest Title

Johanna Süß leads the Lichter Filmfest Frankfurt International together with Gregor Schubert, which he founded in 2006 as an initiative of young filmmakers. In the sponsoring association, LICHTER – Filmkultur e.V., she is committed to further developing film and cinema culture in Germany and especially in Hesse, for example at the congress “Future German Film”,.. read more →

Paula Landes Title Image

Paula Landes is an expert in social media, marketing and PR, who also offers her communication services to founders and start-ups. Her services range from social media, website planning and support to idea development and creative coaching. Through ONLINE-LEGAL-SOCIAL she offers tailor-made training and seminars for founders and companies in the Frankfurt area. For Digital.. read more →

Fröhlich Management Entrance

Julia Fröhlich looks back on more than 25 years of experience in the field of film production – both from a freelancer and an agency perspective. In 2006 she founded her international artists’ agency Fröhlich Management, which represents freelance filmmakers from all over the world. Together with her team, she supports agencies and productions in.. read more →

Michael Kutschinski Key Visual at Ogilvy Frankfurt

Michael Kutschinski is a graduate designer and started his career as a freelance designer at Digital World, one of the first multimedia agencies in Germany. In 1996 he joined Pixelpark in Hamburg and New York as Creative Director. In 2002 he joined Jung von Matt as Executive Creative Director Interactive. Two years later he joined Ogilvy.. read more →

Mattia Noal

Mattia Noal originally comes from Italy and has been living in Frankfurt since 2013. His passion is painting. After graduating from the Institute for Advertising Design in Vicenza, Mattia studied art, music, theatre and film at the University of Padua. This study finally led him to the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona, where he.. read more →