Frankfurt – where creative industries feel home

In Frankfurt you are very well positioned to exploit opportunities within the creative economy. The city is home of a thriving digital media sector, a successful design industry, and vibrant film and games industries. Also Frankfurt is a major center for the creative industries within the State of Hesse and has expanded rapidly in recent years. The creative sector employs nearly 39,000 people, who are representing 6% of the total of the city’s workforce.

Our creative businesses generated sales of almost 6 billion euros in 2016. This makes Frankfurt the German city with the highest share of turnover in the creative sector in relation to the total turnover of the municipal sector. Frankfurt’s advertising market and software & games industry, with around 19,000 employees and a turnover of around 3.7 billion euros, make up the two largest creative sub-markets.

MASTER PLAN Creative Industries FRANKFURT 2021-2026

Frankfurt received top rating in the European benchmark

The Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor 2019 ranks Frankfurt on place 9 in the XL group (population: 500,000 up to 1,000,000) of 40 ranked cities. The monitor’s quantitative information is captured in 29 indicators relevant to nine dimensions reflecting three major facets of cities’ cultural, social and economic vitality:

Creative and well-educated people with smart ideas are essential for the future of our society – and, of course, also for the economy. The students at the local universities and academies are enjoying a high-level education, making them fit for their future in the creative industries. A range of internships for media students can be found at Medienpraktikum Hessen.

Information to the different Creative Industries Sectors

  1. Architecture
  2. Publishing
  3. Design
  4. Film Business
  5. Art Market
  6. Performing Arts
  7. Music Business
  8. Press Market
  9. Broadcasting
  10. Software-/Games-Industry
  11. Advertising