Lisa Frisch

Lisa Frisch is a fashion designer and founded the label frisch in January 2015 together with her friend Katharina Pfaff, who is a communication designer. Since September 2015, the two have had their studio in Frankfurt. frisch designs and produces individual backpacks and bags in Frankfurt: frisch bags made of high-quality materials. The designers attach great importance to a good combination of innovation and suitability for everyday use in their handmade products. Their rucksacks and bags should provide their owners with pleasure for a long time and are available in their shop, the Tree Designstore. The shop also offers other products of regional designers such as the lights of Lichtliebe.

Frisch Shop

Frankfurt is for me …

… a city that offers both anchor and a new beginning. The perfect combination. I have found my home here and yet I can get everywhere quickly when I need to get out. Sometimes a detour to the station district is all it takes.

What do you love most about your job?

I think it’s the idea of having a job that I can stand behind one hundred percent and that we can do our part to change the current conditions in the fashion industry. With our philosophy, we can slowly but steadily change the consumer behaviour of the people around us. To see that our creativity is bearing fruit is an indescribable feeling that makes up for all the difficulties.

Where do you get your ideas from?

They originally come from various sources in my surrounding. These are then filtered, shaped by my personal feelings and this is how the design usually comes about. But all this happens rather subconsciously and also has a lot to do with gut feeling.

My lunch break …

… is being celebrated with the colleagues and the international cuisine of Frankfurt.

What trends do you think we will see this year?

In our area, I notice the trend towards a more critical approach to consumer goods, the appreciation of quality and individuality and the shift away from mass goods. However, this view is one-sidedly shaped by our work. We have to be careful that the gap between people who can afford high-quality products and others does not become too wide and should consider how we could transfer this idea to other target groups.

What else can we still learn?

To use every day and not to think too much about material things, if that’ s possible. Reflecting on the really important things in life and putting one’s fate into perspective helps.

You should definitely do that in Frankfurt …

Enjoy the diverse nature and unique contrasts that this city has to offer to the full. The best way to do this is to take a bicycle tour through the different parts of the city. Stop on the bridge to Sachsenhausen and admire the skyline, preferably with a beer from the Trinkhalle, and then off to the treehouse!

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