Julia Fröhlich looks back on more than 25 years of experience in the field of film production – both from a freelancer and an agency perspective. In 2006 she founded her international artists’ agency Fröhlich Management, which represents freelance filmmakers from all over the world. Together with her team, she supports agencies and productions in their search for suitable talents from the fields of Directors, Young Directors, DoPs, Photographers, Hair & Make-up Artists, Styling & Set Design, 1st ADs, Editors and Ghostwriters.

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Frankfurt is for me …

My home. My base. With everything that goes with it. My family – my children above all. But also the place from which I can move into the world and to which it is always nice to return. With my absolute favourite airport!!

What do you love most about your job?

Many things. The rapidity of business. The variety of people you work with every day. The daily challenge to find the “best solution for a job”. People you think harmonize well with each other, to connect and experience the result. To discover and promote young talents. The proximity to markets on the other side of the world. To travel. It’s all great – it’s simply an incredibly exciting job all in all.

Where do you get your ideas from?

I am an extremely active person and go through life with open eyes. You can’t get around constantly new impressions. When your job and your private life are in roughly the same relationship, the one automatically stimulates the other. And the other way around, of course.

My lunch break …

I usually move it to 6 p.m and later. That’s the time of day when – if at all possible – I’m not available for the job. That’s kids’ time / then everyone comes home, we cook and talk about the day. For this, I like to sacrifice a “classic lunch break” – after 20 o’clock it continues…

What trends do you think we will see this year?

There is much movement in the market. The “old structures” are increasingly disintegrating – i.e. you have to keep moving and adapt to developments. Basically, however, more and more “moving image” is being generated. In any form. In this respect, the overall development is very positive for us.

What else can we still learn?

Oh, I think you can learn something new anytime and anywhere. I would often wish that people would better remember “old” things – empathy & loyalty in “nervous business hours” is more important than a big “hipster existence”. Friendliness and helpfulness – these are all things that will bring you the most in the long run and that will also make your daily business extremely beautiful, in my opinion.

You should definitely do that in Frankfurt …

I’d say – you can eat a curry sausage at Villa Kennedy, jog through the city forest, walk along Schaumainkai, eat a filet at Surf & Turf, visit a museum, climb the cathedral or cycle through the city – where everything is small and straightforward.