Benedikt Fritz (left) and Timothy Davies (right) are the two heads of pearls Acoustic Identity GmbH. Benedikt Fritz graduated in audio engineering at SAE, Frankfurt and Berlin. He also holds a BA(Hons) in Recording Arts from Middlesex University, London. Timothy Davies started his sound career with Martin Haas (USP-Tonstudios, Rödelheim Hartreim Projekt, Glashaus, Xavier Naidoo, etc.) and studied BA(Hons) Music Composition in England. He then gained experience as a producer and composer at BonaFideStudios, London. In 2003 he moved from England to Frankfurt. For more than 13 years pearls has persisted on the Hanauer Landstraße for sophisticated dubbing of communication measures and music composition for advertising and film. The large modern sound studios in a pleasant, minimalistic atmosphere offer everything you need for professional sound recording, miking and professional mixing. The customers are accompanied – whether with an exciting project or just with a wild idea in mind – from the first speaker casting to the final mix at pearls. This includes a feel for the product and the creative vision of the agency.

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For me Frankfurt is …

Benedikt: … second home and creative powder keg.

What do you love most about your job?

Timothy: To conjure an emotionally charged Gesamtkunstwerk out of a silent picture.

Where do you get your ideas from?

Benedikt: From the belly and from the heart.

My lunch break …

Benedikt: …preferably a Panang Curry from Heidi.

What trends do you think we will see this year?

Timothy: Communication channels are reinventing themselves, but good craftsmanship remains.

What else can we still learn?

Benedikt: Preferably something new every day.

You should definitely do that in Frankfurt …

Timothy: … go to the Dialogmuseum: shut your eyes and rely on your ears and other senses.



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