Die Initiatorin Sevinc Durmaz Yerli (Frankfurt Fashion Lounge) hat gemeinsam mit der Maßschneider-Innung Rhein-Main, August Pfüller und der Wirtschaftsförderung Frankfurt ein Mentoring Programm zur gezielten Unterstützung und Professionalisierung von Talenten im Bereich nachhaltiger Mode-Produktion auf den Weg gebracht und im Rahmen der Frankfurt Fashion Week im Januar 2022 spannende Designer:innen ausgezeichnet.

Deepika Khatri (Khadi – The Revolutionary Fabric Of Freedom) ist eine von ihnen!

>> How did you get into fashion?
Since my childhood I was always very keen on fashion as my mother tells me how I used to get dressed and stand in front of the mirror. From a very young age I knew that I wanted to be a designer. But my family was not okay being me into this profession and they asked me to do my Bachelors in Arts but then too I didn’t lose hope and was side by side preparing for „National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)“ exam and to my surprise I cleared the exam. I literally feel that I was so lucky that I got through it. Then I left my Bachelors in Arts and told my parents about it that I want to go for it. Although they were not okay, somewhere they knew that this is what I want and this is what makes me happy.

>> What education do you have?
I must say that I was lucky that the fashion designing subject was introduced in my eleventh grade itself, and I was so happy that what I wanted to pursue that I would be studying. Then after my schooling I went for graduation in Economics, English & Psychology and kept on doing as my parents wanted but when I cleared the entrance exam of „National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)“ then I left it in between. I was about to graduate in Arts but I didn’t gave the exam and took admission to „National Institute of Fashion Technology“ Bangalore, India.
I have done „Bachelors In Knitwear Designing“ from „National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)“ Bangalore, India and also got awarded the „Most Creative Knitwear Design“ award by “SHIEMA SHEKI” in my final year.
After my college I have worked in „Export & Buying House“ as a Women’s & Kid’s wear designer for multiple international brands.

>> Who are your role models?
My parents are my role models, the way they brought me up amazes me. No matter what they were going through but always used to be very motivated and had a keepgoing spirit.

>> What drives you?
I feel “creativity” drives me. Wherever I go, Whatever I do, Whatever I see, anything which takes me on a different ride of thoughts to be more creative, which brings out new creativity from me.

>> Where do you see yourself at fashion week next year?
I see myself presenting a wonderful collection which creates a positive impact on the society and will be loved by everyone.